08 July 2008

I Love the Ambiguous Pronouns

If you haven't heard of She & Him, I am angry with you. No really. Just kidding. Kinda.

It is comprised of Zooey Deschanel (my girlfriend) and M. Ward and I would probably describe their sound as indie-retro-folk-alt country-americana-pop-rock. Once you listen to them, you'll think to yourself, "hey, this should be in an ipod commercial!" They haven't been used in an ipod commercial, yet.

Here is a nice video from MTV News that talks about She & Him.

Excellent, yeah? I thought you'd like them. Their album Volume One is amazing and still pretty new. But Zooey (my girlfriend) is already talking about Volume Two!

Apparently, MTV has this new thing about trying to show more music videos... which is weird if you ask me... and to help this out, they have a new show called "FNMTV." Don't ask me what it stands for. Zooey & M. are going to be on the show this Friday night to premiere the music video for their song "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?" I can't wait!


  1. looking forward to hearing them live

  2. Her awesomeness will never stop rising until the universe and time itself ends. And I'm OK with that.