01 July 2008

36 Hour Notice, Kentucky and Indiana

I put my notice in today. You might say it is a 'two week notice' but it's more like a '36 hour notice.' Lately, I've been working just 18 hours a week. My notice was that I would work this week's hours and next week's hours, in whatever form that may be in. He took it graciously and it was a nice moment. We were friends before I worked for him, during my time with him and we will still be friends now.

This week's work hours will be spent in a 'last hurrah' of sorts since I am taking my boss to Kentucky to speak at a Future Farmers of America camp. The first trip I took as a personal assistant was also to Kentucky for an engagement at Asbury Theological Seminary. It's interesting that both my first and last trips as an official employee are to Kentucky.

This trip, I will get to add a new state to my list. We will be staying only 10 or 15 minutes from the Indiana line. I've never been to Indiana before. I intend only to drive across the river and then turn back... but it counts.

I love this Starbucks coffee card they put in the newspaper on Sunday that gives you a free cup of brewed coffee, iced for me, every day until July 14th. It is great to get free coffee even before I start work next Tuesday.

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  1. The Washington Post is cool, but not as cool as the AJC, apparently :p

    Woo hoo for Starbucks and adding a new State to your list...mine is absolutely pitiful :(