19 July 2008

We have a new 'Strangest Music Video Ever'

First off, let's watch the world's previous 'Strangest Music Video Ever' title-holder. That would be wonderful electro duo Goldfrapp (who will score some of my movies in the future) with "Ride A White Horse." They are no stranger to strangeness in their videos... but this by far is their best... most... strangest.

Also check out their video for "Number 1." It's very strange as well... but in a better, more awesome way.

Now, for the newest 'Strangest Music Video Ever,' let's turn to none other than the subject of my last post and my girlfriend... Zooey Deschanel. She & Him premiered their first music video last week and it actually has some similarities to the Goldfrapp video. Watch for yourself.

You may understandably be shocked, horrified, humored or fascinated or possibly any combination of those. I was shocked on my first watch... then humored by the second one... and by the third, fascinated and enamored. Yes, it's bloody (bloody sweet!) but it's kinda hilarious if you ask me. And so weird.


  1. my vote for weirdest video still goes to goldfrapp. while the she & him vid doesn't quite match up w/ what was in my head, i liked the semi-story...and the dancing cowboy. i'm looking forward to more videos from them

  2. Heads up, I replied to your comment in Volume Knob about that Sufjan track. :) I love your blog!

  3. The Goldfrapp video was just strange [John recently introduced me to them]...but I see your point. She & Him's video is strangely mesmerizing, while it is yet still a bit horrifying. I'm a fan of strange [in any fashion] as long as it is catchy, addicting, or mesmerizing in some way. Truly said by an addict who is always looking for more things to become addicted too :)