30 June 2008

The Courtship of a Job

Four weeks ago today, I was interviewed for a job at Starbucks. Today, I got the job. It's been a long time in the making... much longer than 4 weeks. Four years ago, I would estimate, is when I started thinking about working at Starbucks. Different location then. I picked up an application a couple of times... but never turned one in. Early this year was the first time I turned one in. Then I turned in a second application to the same store. Shortly afterwards, I got the interview.

I went to Starbucks this morning much like I went to Starbucks last Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The week before last saw me there several times as well. In addition to enjoying delicious coffee, I was there with obvious motive. And if I wasn't stopping by on my way somewhere, I brought Atlas Shrugged and would spend some time just sitting, reading. This book just gets more and more amazing.

Today, I knew I was going to hear something either way. I arrived to find that yet another friend is now working at this store. I sat and read a little and Lucia came to sit with me while she was on her break. We talked about, yes, Starbucks and then my phone rang. But my phone doesn't work as phones should and I was forced to hang up. Luckily, the guy calling me was in the same building and Lucia went to get him. The conversation was held in person rather than over a cell phone that doesn't work.

I saw two of my GIS professors there today. A friend that used to work there was a GIS major and now there will be another GIS barista. Who knew this Starbucks would become such a GIS hub?

Praise God! He answers prayers and is sovereign in His provision. He has absolutely no sense of timing, though. That is not an insult... He is just outside of time. I've stopped trying to understand that concept... but I look forward to when I can experience that for myself.

I start next Tuesday.

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