09 March 2010

More than 'okay'

Zooey has always looked great, but she's never looked better. I think I'm getting over the fact that she married another man. And M. Ward is probably one of the top three coolest guys ever.

I've now heard three new She & Him songs... and I can't wait for more. Volume Two is out March 23 in the US.


  1. Oh, so you'd seen this already...didn't mean to hurl it at you again.

    Didn't know you had a website. This is great! You can keep me up to date on film, cause that's really not something I pay enough attention to.

    Also, may I have your GIS degree already? I'm mocked mercilessly whenever the subject of degrees comes up at work.

  2. Nope, I saw it first thanks to you... I just posted about it immediately.

    I hear a lot of new music from you... so hopefully (if I stay blogging as actively as I have been) we can trade off our knowledge of film and music.

    And yes, as soon as they mail me my diploma, you can have it. I'm certainly not using it.

  3. Great! Tell me why I need to see The Hurt Locker.

  4. Reasons to see "The Hurt Locker..."

    - Great cinematography. A lot of cameras shooting the same thing from different angles and edited very well. It provides a realistic experience but also features some surreal slowed down close-ups during some of the explosions. Very finely edited.
    - Good screenplay. I believe it was based on a Playboy article, so they certainly did a lot with it.
    - Good performances. Jeremy Renner gave one of the best leading performances of the year and Anthony Mackie & Brian Geraghty were great in supporting roles.
    - Cameos by Ralph Fiennes and Guy Pierce who are always cool. Evangeline Lilly appears as well.
    - Takes a different political stance than most war films. Usually, they are sided one way or the other. This film shows the destructive and dangerous nature of war and the toll it takes on both individuals and communities... but it is not decidedly liberal or conservative. I like that.
    - Very tense and well paced. You don't get bored.
    - All around good film.

    Perhaps I should flesh this out into a blog post.