05 February 2009

Aspen to Atlanta Photolog, pt. 4: Iowa

Iowa is a bit like Nebraska for me... no, I don't mean boring (although...). I've always liked it, even long before visiting. Des Moines has always struck me as a cool city, especially for not being huge... the contrast between it and it's surroundings makes it all the bigger. We sidestepped from the interstate to see Des Moines and I snapped a couple good pictures.

There wasn't much motivation behind this last one. Taking a picture of a cornfield in Iowa is like taking a picture of a freckle on a ginger's face. Anyway, it turned out blurry... so I made it blurrier around the edges and voilĂ , it looks... still blurry. Anyway, it (along with one of the Nebraska shots) reminds me a bit of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

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