29 May 2008

I'd swim across Lake Michigan

Sufjan's magnificent album Seven Swans features a fantastic track titled "To Be Alone With You." It's about Christ's atonement and how time alone with Him is of utmost importance. Considering that the album is several years old and that the song was featured in the television show "The O.C." and that Sufjan is the king of indie pop... many of you are probably already familiar with the song.

Today, I discovered that Pocketknife, who had previously remixed "Put the Lights on the Tree," has remixed "To Be Alone With You" and it is available for free download.

I love the original version. It's simple and acoustic and has a beautiful melody... but the words are just so sincere and powerful. The remix, however, retains all of that but beefs it up a bit and gives it a nice beat. Below is the link to download it. Check it out.

Sufjan Stevens - "To Be Alone With You (Pocketknife's Considerate Eagle Scout Remix)"