25 October 2007

Maxed out beauty

Fall colors are probably one of the biggest differences between you and I (you being non-colorblind people). I'm told that I see things less vividly, less bold.

But I can't imagine anything more beautiful than what I see! I think God probably made an exception for His colorblind children when it comes to autumn leaves. I believe He allows us to see it just the same as you, or perhaps better.

I would love it if trees were dressed in fall colors for the whole year and green for only a few weeks... the opposite of what we actually get. But I would be jaded and not appreciate the splendor God allows us to witness in the autumn. So, I'm greatful for the time he does give us with the reds, oranges and golds.

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  1. you could put this pic on top of the pic from the leann rimes post and make a collage out of them.