26 October 2007

"Dizziness, constant motion, perpetual motion and activity"

Next thursday, friday and saturday at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Sufjan Stevens is premiering his musical and visual composition, The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. In short, it is a 30-minute film, shot in Super 8 and 16-mm, of the BQE with Sufjan and his orchestra providing the live soundtrack. It is pretty much a symphony and a film. After he plays this, he will then play a one-hour concert featuring old and new music.

I would drown a ton of puppies to be able to go see this. And, honestly, the only thing keeping me from it (from going, not from drowning puppies) is that a great friend of mine is getting married that saturday in San Francisco. I considered flying up to New York City on thursday to see the show and then flying out to San Francisco afterwards, since I'm flying from Atlanta to San Francisco friday morning anyway. But, I think it would be a mess of trouble to try and work that out.

Sufjan, please, please, please release a DVD of this. Please. I'm torn to bits that I cannot be in attendance.

Here is a lovely interview with Sufjan about the BQE and below is a sneak preview he gave in a radio studio a few days ago. Sufjan is on the piano here. It sounds wonderful.

...I'll just say that I look forward to Sufjan scoring my films!

The photo up top is credited to Denny Renshaw.


  1. sufjan's hot.
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