15 August 2008

Freakwater: A Txt Message Review

As you may know, I recently attended the She & Him concert at Variety Playhouse here in Atlanta. I hadn't been to the venue before and I liked it very much. I also liked She & Him very much. I won't bother writing about them again as my blog may actually explode from all the recent Zooey goodness.

I will, however, write about their opening act, Freakwater. Well... maybe not write about as much as post the text message dialogue I was a part of during their set. It was Conner, Amber, Speck, Diana, Jenny and I sitting there in a row texting each other about how painful it was to sit through Freakwater. Don't get me wrong... they were very skilled instrumentalists. TOO BAD THEY HAD TO OPEN THEIR MOUTHS.

That's all I'll say. You can read for yourself.

Oh, and the "old guy" we refer to below is this lone 60-ish year-old guy at the concert by himself.

8:28 - Cameron to Amber, Conner, Speck:
The old guy is just here for freakwater.

8:30 - Conner to Cameron:
No doubt freak water rocks

Okay, they have just now begun their first song.

8:42 - Cameron to Amber, Conner, Speck:
Already So good.

- Conner to Cameron:
My ears are bleeding buckets

8:46 - Cameron to Conner:
Keep bleeding keep keep bleeding buckets.
8:51 - Speck to Cameron:
Favorite band ever

8:52 - Cameron to Speck:
Why isn't zooey opening for them?

8:55 - Cameron to Conner:


8:57 - Cameron to Diana:
Don't rush the stage.

8:58 - Diana to Cameron:

9:02 - Cameron to Conner:
Someone forgot to turn their mics off before they started.

9:03 - Conner to Cameron:
Destroy freak water!

9:07 - Conner to Cameron:
What is the opposite of encore?

9:08 - Cameron to Conner:

9:09 - Cameron to Amber:
They make the guy that opened for mindy sound like sufjan.

9:10 - Cameron to Conner:
Did amber go jump off the roof?

9:13 - Conner to Cameron:
Annapolis style

9:14 - Cameron to Conner:
Anythings better than this.

9:16 - Cameron to Speck:
When did the B52s get so bad??!

9:19 - Cameron to Conner:
She sure made me want a tshirt

9:20 - Conner to Cameron:
Me 2

9:20 - Cameron to Conner:
Freakwater is stagnant.

9:23 - Speck to Cameron:
Haha on another note: we should have stayed up front.

9:23 - Cameron to Speck:

Yes, definitely.

9:27 - Cameron to Diana:

9:28 - Diana to Cameron:

The talented M. Ward just came out on stage to assist them in their last couple of songs.

9:30 - Cameron to Conner:

M ward just stopped a riot from starting

Thank goodness, it's over. Now we just have to wait for She & Him to get out there.

10:06 - Cameron to Conner:
Zooey needs to stop being a diva and get out here.

10:06 - Conner to Cameron:
No joke
Only kidding, Zooey!
But seriously... Freakwater were very unenjoyable. She & Him were amazing. Sufjan-like amazing. They should do a show with Sufjan!


  1. insert between the mindy smith comment and amber jumping off the roof--amber walks out. i really did jump off the roof anapolis style...that's how i got back in time for she & him

  2. sweet. i think i've got i down. thank you, sir!