25 April 2008

Some things I know

  • Pot-smokers all seem to think everyone else smokes pot too.

  • No one has it any easier than any one else in the long run. Rather, no one has to have it any worse than any one else. Any seemingly good arguments against this aren't taking circumstance and perception into account.

  • For the World, the apology always precedes forgiveness. For the Christian, forgiveness should come first. Sometimes we should forgive even if we never receive an apology.

  • People give me a hard time saying that I like every film I see. This is false. I don't like every film I see, I just know my tastes and don't bother watching movies I know I won't like.

  • It's a mistake to think you are smarter than anyone else. It may be 100% truth that you are, but you shouldn't think about it. It only leads to more elitist, self-indulgent thoughts.

  • God will give you grace to deal with unpleasant people. He's got to because I definitely can't deal with them myself.


    1. ok im not so sure about your statement on pot smokers and i wasn't sure about the next one either until you said it depends on "perception"....thats an interesting point...but i'll have to think about it more before i agree with you. Nice post.

    2. 1. Proud pot-smokers I've talked to automatically assume I smoke pot too when I think it's pretty clear I don't.

      2. Remember, I said in the long run. Circumstances aren't equal and everybody perceives their own and other people's struggles differently. But I don't think anyone should every assume they have it worse than anyone else.

    3. ok, i just find it hard to say someone living through a genocide in Darfur has the same difficulty in life as I do....of course their life is and always will be much harder, no matter how wrongly i perceive my circumstances in contrast to how i'm used to living. But I do agree, never assume anything about anyone (including if they smoke pot or not).

    4. Very good point you make. I think to go deeper into what I was saying, I'll add that I think it's all relative to God's grace. I think someone that will spend their entire life going through the genocide in Sudan will yes, definitely have more of a struggle than me. But I think God offers enough grace to each person to accordingly "deal" with their situation and struggles. If they choose to accept it, then in that sense maybe they don't have it any worse than I do. God's provision is all-sufficient for everyone in every area of need.

      But yes, your point is good.

    5. Thank you. Perhaps I should amend it to say that "No one has to have it any worse than any one else in the long run" instead of "No one has it any easier" ...?