12 October 2007

Getting reacquainted

If this is still fresh while you are reading, you probably already know me. You may be a friend of mine or perhaps an online acquaintance I've made since I first got on the internet somewhere around fourth or fifth grade. I am getting back into blogging. Welcome back, etc.

If the title strikes you as curious, there is a method behind my madness. Recently in a cartography class, we were discussing color, colorblindness in particular. My professor knew someone in the class was colorblind without remembering it was specifically me. I raised my hand. I had written that on a lab assignment I turned in at the start of the semester, as I usually do in classes where we are graded on our analysis of maps that use lots of color. I shouldn't be penalized if I can't differentiate some ridiculous shade of chartreuse from yellow. Anyway, they asked some questions and I went on to explain how it is for me. While speaking, I finally was able to put into words a revelation I had long ago. I have compensated well for being colorblind, in that although what I see is different from what you see, I still know alot of things as certain colors because I've learned by trial and error. I can match clothes that may not look right to me, but I know they go together.

I know color by logic.


  1. i'll update my link later. if you check in month and it's still not updated, then i totally forgot in the madness of all my assignments that i can't ever possibly turn in one time.

  2. i like all the dots...and your link should be updated once i republish

  3. The dots are from a colorblind test... I dunno if you've seen those before, being a girl. Although your dad is... and I've seen them in science books before.

    If you have sons they will be colorblind! Yay!